Wednesday, February 16, 2011

53rd Grammy Awards

I must say, I almost look forward to these big events just to see what "grand" ideas celebrities come up with next. I've always wondered if they pick what their wearing & how their hair & makeup are going to be done; or if someone picks all that for them? I'm all for new ideas and being creative, but wow, some of the looks people try to pull off, well, I just wonder ha! I do love how they take a look from the runway and re-create it for the red carpet.

This year the trend that I saw was green eye shadow, false eyelashes and nude lips. If this is what the spring look is set to be, I LOVE it! Almost a tribute to the 70s makeup style!

Here are some of the top makeup looks that I personally loved!

Red/mauve eye color; Beautiful dark lip

Katy Perry
Two-tone eye color in green & lilac purple; Soft pink lip

Keri Hilson
Beautiful teal color on eye; Nude lip

Dianna Agron
Smokey into cat eye; Nude lip

Jennifer Lopez
LOVE the nude eye with lashes

Selena Gomez
All over glowing look (love the hair too)

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