I'm Lyndsie, I live in Oklahoma, I am married and have one beautiful daughter! My family means everything to me - I know it's not perfect, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I attend church regularly. I believe in having a relationship with God over going through the "rituals" that many religions have. I like to say I am a woman of many talents. And it's true.
_1. Ever since I could wear makeup (and before, playing with my mom's) I've always LOVED playing around with it and creating new "looks". I eventually took a makeup course through Elite Makeup Pro around 2008/2009. Many people ask me why not a cosmetology school? The reason - cosmetology school's main focus is hair. I couldn't find anything local that offered just makeup. Honestly though, sometimes its better to just have hands-on experience over the degree. I graduated with a certificate in makeup. :D 
_2. In High school I went to vocational college for Apparel Design. My mother may think it was a waste of time since I didn't go into the fashion world, but it taught me a lot that I still use today! Most importantly, sewing. This is where my crafty side comes in. I pretty much love all things craft! I started a mini-business making tutu's in March 2011. It's called Fluffcake Tutu's (check out my blog and my Etsy shop!). I make tutu's for all ages, bows, leg warmers & more! My daughter inspired me in this business venture. I love browsing other craft blogs for new ideas!
_3. Decorating. I also went to vocational college for this - Interior Design. It's sometimes not my biggest "talent", but I still love it!! Vintage & Modern design is what inspires me right now. I LOVE taking old pieces and making them new! And I also LOVE the clean crispness that modern pieces have! My house needs lots of help in the decorating side, so as I go through that process, I'll be posting on my blog! Yay for you!

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