The Man~

Where do I start with such a great husband? First, how we met. We both went to the same church, and met through mutual friends. A couple years later I started working for him at his family business (J & J Appliances) during my last year of High School. We started dating on July 4th following my graduation, got engaged Dec 16th and married May 11 the following year. Whew!
I couldn’t ask for a better husband! At times I feel inadequate to have such a great man to call mine. He may not be artsy, the best singer, or talented in many areas; but what he “lacks” in those areas, he makes up for in his wisdom (of course he’d never admit to that). He always seems to have an answer for every situation, has the closest relationship to God that I’ve ever seen a close friend to have, and is ALWAYS happy…ok, not always, but more than me! Oh, and we LOVE to travel together! I could go on, but you’d just have to meet him to understand  :)

The Girl~

Our bundle of joy was brought into our lives June 3 of last year. She has to be the most smiley person I have ever seen! She has always been a good baby – I hope I can be just as good as a mommy to her!
Her favorite things include: her blankie(s), milk, snuggling, music, car rides, dancing, shopping, swimming, being outside, and being silly.
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