Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FX Makeup

I absolutely LOVE FX makeup (special effect)!!! I got to do some during school, I did a couple for their party, plus at my church I've done all the drama's for this past year! The couple were "Gandhi" and "Mother Theresa"; the ghost-like character & others were from "A Christian Carol".

Gandhi / Mother Theresa
 "Gandhi": bald cap, wrinkles & old age makeup
 "Mother Theresa": old age makeup

A Christian Carol
 "Marley": Ghost-like makeup, old age/wrinkles, grey hair

 "Scrooge": Old age makeup, wrinkles

Monday, November 15, 2010

Photo shoots

I wanted to post some of my previous work, so I'm going to just add the pictures in this post. The photographer I worked with was Ronzphoto [Ron Childs]. He is out of Tulsa as well - VERY good photographer & easy to work with! These pictures will be from the later part of 2009-mid 2010. One of the girls I got to work with twice; you'll see her work as well. One thing about this photographer, he lets me stick around after I do makeup, and help give creative ideas. I enjoy helping "direct", if you will, the poses, and create theme ideas. I've done some modeling myself for my own portfolio, and I feel I have a good understanding what looks modeling portfolios should have, so he let's me give my opinion if I like. Let me just throw this in here while I'm at it - a lot of you models try to be too sexy & don't practice TRUE modeling techniques. Its nice and we all like having our pictures taken, but if you want a job in the real world of modeling, standing there pouting your lips wont get you far. You've got to understand arm, leg & body positioning, facial tone, how to tilt your head in various poses, when to & not to smile, and where to put what so you don't look like you're just standing there with an arm hanging etc. . . ANYWAY that's my spill :D   Hope you enjoy the photo's.

Michelle Obama

A couple of years ago I went to a costume party as Michelle Obama. I thought it would be a great chance to practice makeup in a way I never had before....and I was right! At first glance, other guests could not recognize me! I'd say I did a pretty good job at transforming into a colored woman!
This type of makeup was tricky because it's easy for it to blotch & look horrible! Plus you have to get the coloring right - after all, you do want to look like a person, not some painted thing. I used the tube makeup color you can purchase during halloween for face paint etc... after applying a coat or two of that, I applied base, powder, and the rest of my makeup look like normal. This technique required LOTS of blending and applying! One thing in the makeup world - you can't give up! No matter how difficult the look is, or if you mess up, keep at it and soon you'll master it, and be better than ever!

[sorry the photo is pretty bad]

Era Makeup

During my makeup schooling, I had to do era makeup for various years in the makeup world. Below are the few I chose to do:

20's Makeup - Dark eye makeup, pale face & lips.

50's Makeup - Pale face, nude eye makeup, RED lips, rosy cheeks.

70's Makeup - Tanned face, color makeup & coordinating lips (peace era).

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Today I did makeup for teen girls at a birthday party! Her theme was "Spa" - they had pedi's, mani's, facials, got their hair done, and of course, had their makeup done as well. It was fun getting to do about 13 girls' makeup, all different, yet basic. I made cards up for them to check which products they wanted applied: base, powder, rouge, eye shadow, eye liner, lip gloss/stick, mascara. There was one girl that loved the look I did, and asked if I could show her how I did it so she could apply it to herself at home. That was an awesome feeling - someone loved what I did, and actually wanted it re-done!  :D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Portico Dans Theatre

Oct 23, 2010

I joined my favorite photographer, Ron Childs, on Saturday for a contemporary ballet group's photo shoot. I was in charge of the ice/snow look. It was super fun AND super easy! At first I got nervous because this is exactly the type of makeup I WANT to do ~ creative ~ But I don't get much practice at this sort, so I initially got nervous. I quickly overcame that with excitement! I found a tutorial and became familiar with the look, and realized it was way easier than I thought!
Saturday came, and I was pumped! After getting the four girls done, I followed them and Ron out to the photo shoot site. I often stick around after my job is complete, when working with Ron, and watch the shoot. I always have these creative pose/picture ideas, so Ron lets me throw out my ideas   :D   I didn't do much at this shoot, it was quite different. I still enjoyed it! I get more pumped about makeup every time I do it! Here are a few shots from this shoot.  

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