Friday, September 30, 2011

Organizing Paper Tutorial by Little Monsters Studio

Today I'm featuring a blog that I just LOVE! She creates the cutest birthday decorations & can even personalize them for you! You can find her blog here or her Etsy shop here. She posted this awhile ago, but I liked the idea she had on organizing your paper!

I found some wire storage cubes on the website.. and lucky for me. .they were on sale for $16.99 (I hear they go on sale all the time) not only that but it was a pack of 6 cubes!.. Usally they come in packs of 4.
Fortuniatly for me, they were available at my local Sears, so I didnt have to pay for shipping! SCORE!

Then I picked up some small black zip ties at Lowe's .$4.00

So I got to work!!!!... I made two of the cubes as per the insturctions..

Then, with the remaining "sides" I created shelves and tied them on with the zip ties! and thats it!!!
Each cube could make 8 shelves!!

this is 8 shelves less the the one I was gonna buy, but I bought 2 sets of 6 cubes.. so if need be, I can always add more cubes !!

Total Cost was $20.99 plus tax.. not bad right!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Lipstick Storage

Lipstick Storage Tutorial
Reuse: Lipstick 

*Lipstick (New, used, ones that are almost out)
*Craft box/Lipstick Palette

This tutorial is helpful if you have lipstick that is almost out & you want to consolidate your tubes. OR this is great if you just want to put all of your lipsticks in one palette (or even a couple shades, if you have a small container). I did this with all of my lipsticks I use for makeup jobs ~ it is SOO much easier to handle than 20 different tubes!

_Begin by collecting any lipstick you want to consolidate to one container. 

_Get your container ready, grab your knife and simply slice the lipstick into one of the pods in your palette!

_I "smashed" mine flat. This is how the end product should look:

_I labeled the brand & shade so I can make note which one I used on each client. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buy for a good cause

We've all seen shoes, hat's, bags, etc that donate one to a child in need. I've researched some companies that do, and compiled the list of websites for you! I love the idea! I believe that not only should you, as a Christian, tithe/give to your local church, but also donate & give your time to your community & others in need. I try more now, than I did in the past, in this area. If God's blessed you (and He has!), then you should be more than willing to "share the wealth".

"One for One"
Shop: Shoes, Clothing, Eyewear
"Make a Difference for Kids"
Shop: Shoes
Krochet Kids
"Buy a Hat. Change a Life."
Shop: Headwear, Clothing, Accessories
Ethos Water
"Providing Children with Clean Water"
Shop: Water Bottles
Bodo Blankets
"Buy One. Donate One."
Shop: Blankets
"You buy a bracelet. We donate a textbook to a child in need."
"For every backpack you buy, we'll donate a year's worth of textbooks to a child in need."
Shop: Backpacks & Bracelets 
Common Threadz
"With each tee you buy, we'll give a school uniform to a child in need, or feed them for 1 month."
Shop: T-shirts & Bracelets
World Clothes Line
"Every Purchase Helps Clothe the World."
Shop: T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Pants
"Buy (RED), save lives. It's as simple as that."
Shop: See website for stores associated with (RED).

Mexican Casserole Recipe

The casserole I made tonight was DELICIOUS!!! Thanks to E-mealz, we had another successful yummy meal! I wasn't sure about it at first, just from the directions it sounded kind of weird, but once cooked, mm mm mm ~ super yummy! If you are looking for an easy dinner, try this one out!

One Dish Nacho Bake

1 lb ground beef  
1 can diced tomatoes, undrained 
1 pkg taco seasoning  
(½ c water) 
1 cup sour cream 
9 oz pkg tortilla chips, 8 cups 
8 oz shredded cheddar 

    Cook and drain ground beef.   Add tomatoes, 
water and taco pkt to ground beef.  Cook, 
uncovered, 10 min.  Stir in 1 cup of sour cream.  
In 13x9, place ½ of chips, then ½ of meat 
mixture and ½ of cheese.  Repeat layers.  Bake 
@ 350° for 10 min. 

**I added green chiles, more seasonings & crushed red pepper to mine. You could add onions or any other "Mexican dish" veggie. 

Cake Pops

I found a cake pop "appliance" today & tried my first batch this evening! A recipe booklet came with it, and I decided to go with the Chocolate Pops! The add freshly brewed coffee to the mix! The easy part, they only take 4 min to bake! I think they turned out yummy! As for my husband? I'm still not sure if he liked them or not :)

 (Not all of them look "perfect")

What to do in Tulsa [Children's Edition]

Tulsa Children's Museum
Admission: Varies from each event
Our children's museum does not have a permanent location yet, so check out their website for more info on the locations!
(918) 295-8144
Tulsa Kids Library
Admission: FREE
For younger children, check out their storytime! Each location varies in day & time, see website for details. They have storytime for newborn-24m, 2-5yrs and more!

Tulsa Zoo
Admission:   Adults- $8    Under 2- FREE    3-11yrs- $4
There's always something to do at the zoo! From visiting all the animals, to shows & events, you'll surely have lots of FUN! 

Miller Swim School

6m-3yrs: Diaper Dolphins
8m-3yrs: Flippers
2yrs+: Torpedo Tots
2yrs-3yrs: Minnows
...and more!

(918) 254-1988 

Music to Grow By

A musical approach to teaching your child to learn to sign, imitate sounds & use their imagination in music! Classes start as low at $14/wk!
8m-2yrs: Sign & Sing Class
2m-18m: Village Class
16m-3yrs: Our Time Class
3yr-5yrs: Imagine That Class

(918) 488-0851
Kaleidoscope Children's Museum
Admission: Adults- $6    Under 2- FREE

6202 S. Sheridan Tulsa, OK
(918) 340-5252

Friday, September 23, 2011

Va-Va Voom Lashes

Most women/girls don't usually wear false lashes, unless its a "big" event (wedding, prom, Christmas function etc). I must admit, it is pretty hard to put false lashes on yourself until you have done it several times. I was doing a wedding today and the bride decided to go with single lashes instead of the regular full length lashes. I think I've only done one application with these, so I was pretty new to the concept myself. BUT, they were SUPER easy! She decided to go with these because she didn't like the "heavy" feel normal false lashes can sometimes bring. I added four(4) single lashes to the outer corners of each eye & they looked amazing! Single lashes can add just a bit of drama to the eye without going overboard, if you're not one to usually go for the false eyelashes. Plus, I think they'd be a lot easier to apply since you don't have the whole eye to line up at once (before the glue dries).

Let me give you a quick tip while I'm on the subject...When applying glue false lashes, add the glue then let it dry for a few seconds before applying them to your eyes. You want the glue to be more tacky, that way it won't slide on your eye while you're trying to align them. You can even blow on the glue real quick to speed up the process.
Another option instead of the full length lash, is the half-lash. These are a step up from the single lashes, but still, not as dramatic as the full set. They are attached together, so the application is similar to the full length lashes. Make sure you start the alignment at the outer corner of the eye.

Most lashes you can pick up at Ulta Beauty, Sephora or Sally's for a very reasonable price ($3-$5). If you're only going to wear them once or twice, don't spend a lot on the "designer" lashes (MAC, Urban Decay, etc), you'll be spending $15-$30 on lashes!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Got a Polaroid!

I found this polaroid on eBay, and it arrived in the mail today! I'm SOO excited to use it!!

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Kids Shirt Applique

Kids Shirt Applique Tutorial
Reuse: Shirt with applique

*Sewing items
*Blank-front shirt
*Shirt with applique/something on it (I used a too-small onesie)

_Begin by cutting your applique off the old shirt/onesie

_Sew applique onto shirt.

That's it! How easy was that?! If you loved that shirt/onesie your little one used to wear, create this easy DIY shirt that brings the old & new together!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Herb Update _1

I haven't given an update on my herbs, so thought I'd share how they've grown. Only two of them have actually spouted, the others are taking their time :)



Around and Round

I've never decorated much with wreaths, but this year I'm seeing  A LOT that I love! I would like to try and make one for my door this year! The problem I usually have is that I have a glass screen door in front of my door, and so it leaves very little room for something thick like a wreath. Maybe I can find one that will work! Here are a few just from Better Homes & Gardens:

Komen Race for the Cure 2011

Yesterday I walked the 1 mile fun run for the Komen Race for the Cure (Breast cancer)! It has been a rainy end of the week, but thankfully the rain held off until I got in my car afterwards!! I've only been to two other races, but whew, there were TONS of people at this one! I would guess probably a couple thousand! I'm glad people still help good causes! I didn't time myself like I do in the 5K's ~ today was all about having fun and celebrating LIFE.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eat your cake!

I don't make fancy cakes that often, but I LOVE pretty cake stands!! I have a hard time finding cute ones, so I thought I'd do a search for cake stands & share my findings :)

Pier 1 = $34

Williams-Sonoma = $59
Williams-Sonoma = $79
Crate&Barrel = $24.95


Etsy shop = $20

Etsy shop = $28
I'm not sure how she made this, but I had a cool idea from it! To make your own one-of-a-kind cake stand: Get a bowl, turn it upside down; then get a decorative plate and set it on top! This would be neat for the holidays  :)

Etsy shop = $125
Amazon = $60

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