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Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Cone Favors

Ice Cream Cone Favor Tutorial
Reuse: Paper

*Scissors, Tape/Glue

First off, print this template for your cone. Use a card-stock grade paper for durability. 

_Cut out template & glue/tape side together. 

[I wrapped mine with the tab to the inside so it doesn't show]

_Next, create your own tag, or find one from The TomKat Studio

_Attach tag & ribbon to decorate cone. 

_Fill with candy!

SUPER easy! Great idea for party favors for any occasion! Color coordinate them for holidays too!

13 Days of Halloween // seven

Marshmallow Bones



Monday, October 24, 2011

13 Days of Halloween // eight

Guacamole with Black Beans


Witches Broom Place Card Holders

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13 Days of Halloween // eleven

Mummy head centerpiece
Find it on bhg

Witch's Face
Tutorial here

Caramel, Chocolate & Candy Apples

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13 Days of Halloween // thirteen

Easy Cake Pops

Easy Face Mask
If you need an easy costume for your child: grab color-theme clothes, a cape & paint on a easy mask!

Candy Bowl
Find this on bhg

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Newspaper Pumpkin

Newspaper Pumpkin Tutorial
Reuse: Newspaper

*Pumpkin (real or fake)
*Modge Podge
*Letters (I did "EEK")
*Ribbon, or other decorations

_Pull stripes of paper apart, enough to cover pumpkin.

_Put modge podge on one side of the paper, and apply to pumpkin. 

_After covering the entire pumkin, add your letters. I covered them with modge podge after applying to the pumkin to help them hold better. 

_Add ribbons, etc

Saturday, October 15, 2011

//Cool finds from bhg

Found these sweet ideas on Better Homes & Gardens.

I wish my pantry was this organized!

Cute idea!

This would be handy, having a child! Store SOME (not all hehe) of your child's toys/books, for easy access :)

Love the wallpaper accent wall!

Cool idea! Love the bright yellows too!


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