Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Planted Garden

This year I decided to plant more veggies & fruit! My only problem was since we are moving in a few months, I couldn't plant anything in the ground - they all had to be planted in pots so I can take them with me. SO, I found veggies that grow well in pots, and got right to it!

Here is a list of what I have, so far:    :)

*Lettuce: Romaine, 2 kinds
*Lettuce: (I forget this one)
*Green Beans

What I learned about gardening this batch so far: 

*Lettuce only needs morning sunlight & shade for the rest of the day.
*Strawberry plants are suppose to be easy to grow & don't require that funny looking pot to grow. A 12" pot is best.
*Lettuce grows excellent in pots!
*My new tomato plant is growing faster than last years (almost time to turn it "upside down")!
*You can grow different sorts of veggies/herbs/lettuce in the same pot. You can even plant them with flowers.
*Not all pots have holes on the bottom for drainage. Why, I'm really not sure since I'm pretty sure whatever you plant (food or flower) NEEDS drainage. Therefore, I had to use some extra manuel labor and drill holes in the bottom of yes, every pot.

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