Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Holiday Countdown Calender

I found this tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets, and thought it was SUPER cute! Here is my rendition:

Holiday Countdown Tutorial
Reuse: Picture Frame

*5x7 Picture Frame
*Paper, Fabric, Ribbon, Buttons (etc decorate your frame)
*Crop-a-dile or Hand drill
*3" book rings
*3x4" Cards with numbers 1-31
*Paper adhesive
*Pencil or pen

_I started out with a blue frame, so I spray painted mine black (I did the rings as well). Side note: I actually bought mine from Target. It was on sale from $5.99 to $1.48. THEN, the cashier thought it was broken (I told him it was just falling apart), so he gave me an additional 50% off - a new frame for a total of 74 cents!!

_After cutting your number cards out, punch holes in them for the book rings. Make sure all the holes line up! 

_Remove the glass from your frame and cover the cardboard piece with patterned paper. 

_Place the cardboard piece back into the frame. Position rings where you want them, and push together like you're going to close them. This will mark on the cardboard where to punch the holes. 
_Punch holes in cardboard.

_Next, use your cardboard piece as a guide and mark where to punch holes on the frame backing. 
_Punch holes. 

_Now its time to decorate! Put all the pieces back together & add ribbon, buttons & more!

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