Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Portico Dans Theatre

Oct 23, 2010

I joined my favorite photographer, Ron Childs, on Saturday for a contemporary ballet group's photo shoot. I was in charge of the ice/snow look. It was super fun AND super easy! At first I got nervous because this is exactly the type of makeup I WANT to do ~ creative ~ But I don't get much practice at this sort, so I initially got nervous. I quickly overcame that with excitement! I found a tutorial and became familiar with the look, and realized it was way easier than I thought!
Saturday came, and I was pumped! After getting the four girls done, I followed them and Ron out to the photo shoot site. I often stick around after my job is complete, when working with Ron, and watch the shoot. I always have these creative pose/picture ideas, so Ron lets me throw out my ideas   :D   I didn't do much at this shoot, it was quite different. I still enjoyed it! I get more pumped about makeup every time I do it! Here are a few shots from this shoot.  

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