Monday, November 15, 2010

Michelle Obama

A couple of years ago I went to a costume party as Michelle Obama. I thought it would be a great chance to practice makeup in a way I never had before....and I was right! At first glance, other guests could not recognize me! I'd say I did a pretty good job at transforming into a colored woman!
This type of makeup was tricky because it's easy for it to blotch & look horrible! Plus you have to get the coloring right - after all, you do want to look like a person, not some painted thing. I used the tube makeup color you can purchase during halloween for face paint etc... after applying a coat or two of that, I applied base, powder, and the rest of my makeup look like normal. This technique required LOTS of blending and applying! One thing in the makeup world - you can't give up! No matter how difficult the look is, or if you mess up, keep at it and soon you'll master it, and be better than ever!

[sorry the photo is pretty bad]

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