Monday, November 15, 2010

Photo shoots

I wanted to post some of my previous work, so I'm going to just add the pictures in this post. The photographer I worked with was Ronzphoto [Ron Childs]. He is out of Tulsa as well - VERY good photographer & easy to work with! These pictures will be from the later part of 2009-mid 2010. One of the girls I got to work with twice; you'll see her work as well. One thing about this photographer, he lets me stick around after I do makeup, and help give creative ideas. I enjoy helping "direct", if you will, the poses, and create theme ideas. I've done some modeling myself for my own portfolio, and I feel I have a good understanding what looks modeling portfolios should have, so he let's me give my opinion if I like. Let me just throw this in here while I'm at it - a lot of you models try to be too sexy & don't practice TRUE modeling techniques. Its nice and we all like having our pictures taken, but if you want a job in the real world of modeling, standing there pouting your lips wont get you far. You've got to understand arm, leg & body positioning, facial tone, how to tilt your head in various poses, when to & not to smile, and where to put what so you don't look like you're just standing there with an arm hanging etc. . . ANYWAY that's my spill :D   Hope you enjoy the photo's.

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