Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas time is here!

This has got to be my most FAVORITE holiday of the year!! So much to this holiday that I love, including: Christ's birth, Christmas tree's, lights, decorations, shopping, friendly people [for the most part], pretty bows & paper, desserts & SOO much more! This year I chronicled my family building our [fake] tree & decorating. Now, I am including the mantle decor because of the after shot :(  Last night my daughter was trying to change how the lights blink, and in doing so, pulled the entire contents of the mantle off....subsequently breaking all of my oh so lovely stocking holders that I WAITED and WAITED to go on sale last year. :(  Now I'm without stocking holders & I don't even know what to get because I loved these so much haha Pretty sad, I know.

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