Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Journal

Journal Tutorial
Reuse: paper

*White Collage Board (from a craft store)
*1" rings (from office supply store, or Hobby Lobby)
*Hole punch or scrapbook tool to make holes
*Decorative paper, stickers, anything to decorate the covers

_First cut out the cardboard/collage board to the size you want your book. 
_Cut the blank papers for the inside of the book - I did mine a little smaller than the cover. You can do yours flush with the cover if you'd like. 

_Decorate the front & back covers with your decorative paper & embellishments.
_Punch holes through the covers and paper inserts. 
_Put it all together on the rings & you're finished! Nice thing about this journal/book is with using the rings, you can add more paper once you run out, if you want to use it as a notepad. :)

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