Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Coupon Binder

Coupon Binder Tutorial
Reuse: Office supplies

*Page protectors
*Baseball card sheets
*Tabbed dividers

This tutorial is super easy, and most people will have all of the materials laying around their office/home already! Let me start off by saying, I'm not a huge coupon-er; but I don't mind saving money, so coupons are my friend! Compared to most, I definitely don't have TONS of coupons, but I love being organized, so a binder is perfect!

_First off, you need a binder. What size? That's up to you. How many coupons do/will you have, how often will you use it, etc etc. I personally do not use many coupons simply because we eat mainly fruit, veggies & meat (not a lot of the "junk" food like many coupons are for). And for cleaners, toiletries etc, I do use coupons for those, but not many since I hate having product just sitting there (totally opposite to those who truly coupon). SO, having said all that, I personally use a 1.5" binder.

_Next, you'll need something to keep your coupons in: sheet protector or baseball card sheets. I use baseball card sheets so I can see all my coupons. 

_Now, to get even more organized, grab some tabbed dividers and make categories for the coupons. If you need help starting, follow this website & they have FREE print outs for each category!

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