Monday, January 9, 2012

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry Armoire Tutorial
Reuse: jewelry armoire

*Jewelry Armoire
*Paint(2-3), primer(1) & finish(1)
*Sand paper
*Tape, wax paper & rags

I've been working on this project for about a month now ~ thanks to the weather being cold/hot/cold :) This jewelry armoire was my aunts that my mom has had since she passed. My mom just recently passed it on to me, and I decided to give it a new look (with her permission, of course) :) I'm not completely finished yet, but I wanted to post the progress! I LOOOOOVE this project!

_Start by removing handles from drawers & doors. Take drawers out & cover hinges with tape. Cover any area on the inside you don't want painted with tape & wax paper.

_Sand the entire outer surface. I'm not entirely sure how much/long you should sand...I just went over mine to where it looked like all the shiny finish was off. 

_Wipe down with a damp cloth. Let dry.
_Fill in the holes from the knobs/handles and let dry according to directions on container. Sand down. 

_Paint a coat of primer (I used spray paint). Let dry.

_If you think another coat of primer is needed, spray a second coat. If not, lightly sand over the primer. _Next, spray the first coat of your colored paint. Let dry. I used Valspar Exotic Sea in gloss. 

_Apply a second coat of paint. Let dry. A little tip: don't spray too closely, otherwise the paint will run. BUT if it does run, lightly dab it with a cloth & spray back over it (the entire area).

_If another coat is needed, apply it now & let dry. 
_You can add your handles/knobs once the paint has completely dried (I'd wait 24hrs or so).

//Mine still needs knobs, a final coat & I need put it all back together :)

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