Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath Tutorial
Reuse: Fabric, yarn etc...

*Yarn (2 or more colors)
*Hot glue gun
*Foam or "straw" wreath

_Start by wrapping the wreath with your first color of yarn. Make sure for this layer you get the yarn pretty flat & close to each other. You are wanting to cover what's underneath. 
_Decide how you want your wreath to look with what colors. I just did one accent color to the bottom right, so I wrapped that on top of the turquoise (a few layers). 

_Next, go back over the turquoise (main color) area with more yarn to cover any exposed areas. This doesn't have to be perfect - its what give this project its fun look. 
_To add fun little flowers or rosettes, you can follow this tutorial. I made several larger rosettes & a few smaller ones. Choose coordinating fabric colors. 
_Hot glue the rosettes onto the wreath. 

_Lastly cut a long piece of yarn to hang your wreath on the door. Hand & enjoy!

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