Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Rosette

Fabric Rosette Tutorial
Reuse: Fabric Scrap  

*Fabric Scrap
*Hot glue gun
*Alligator clip/bobby pin/or pin back
*Button/embellishments - optional

_Cut your fabric 22" (small 1 1/2"-2"W rosette) long. Bigger rosette's can be cut to 44" long (2"-4"W rosette). 

_You can also fray the edges to give it a more worn look. 

_Tie knot at one end.

_Begin rolling/twisting fabric around knot. Glue around edge of knot and press rolled fabric against glue.

_As you continue to twist fabric, glue to rolled rosette. You don't have to glue around the entire area, just enough to hold it together. 

_Once you get to the end of the fabric, leave the end untwisted, and glue flat to the back of rosette. 

_Finished rosette should look similar to this...

_If you are making the rosette as a hair piece, cut a circle of coordinating felt. If you're using an alligator clip you can go ahead and cover it with ribbon if you'd like. Place one side of clip under felt and hot glue to rosette. If you are using a bobby pin, you can attach it the same way. 

_If you are making the rosette as a pin to add to a shirt/top or bag, follow directions above, except using a pin back. 

_If you wish to embellish your rosette with buttons etc, you can sew (or glue) them to the top now or before gluing felt. 

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