Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cat Eye Makeup

Ever wonder how to get that perfect cat eye look with your eye makeup? In essence, it should be easy since after all, its just a mere triangle on the outer corner of your eye. But, the "cat eye"look can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing. . .you might end up looking like you have a black eye :) I know for me personally, its harder to do on myself than on my clients. I've found a few videos that show easy step by step directions to achieve a cat eye look. 

Here are a few tips I find helpful:

1. Use a gel liner w/brush - I find the brush is easier to glide and make more detailed strokes. You could use a liquid liner, but the liquid is harder to correct if you make a mistake. 
2. Start by lining your eye how you would normally. 
3. Decide how far out you want the "winged" tip & how angled up/across you want it. Draw that line to connect with the liner you just put on your eye in step 2. 
4. Now, starting with your brush at the tip of the wing, draw a straight line across toward the center of your eye, all while gradually bringing the line to your lash line (this is the confusing part). I've found that if you do this with your eye open, then close your eye when your brush gets to the round of the eye (your wing should not be on the eye itself), it helps get that cat eye shape better. The eyeliner should be thicker on the outer half, then get thinner as it comes to your inner eye. 
5. With your brush back at the wing tip, pull it down to meet the bottom lash line. You can line the bottom lash line as thick or thin as you like. 
6. Go back over the winged part and fill in any spots with liner & you're done!

Cat Eye with liquid liner View here

Gregory Arlt with MAC Cosmetics Pin-Up Girl look (Notice his version of the cat eye is a simple slanted line)

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