Sunday, July 24, 2011

How E-mealz saves my family $$$

Any of you seen that "Extreme Couponing" show? Yeah. Me too. Pretty ridiculous for those of us who don't have 40+ hours a week to give to clipping and searching for coupon deals. I'm not against coupons, don't get me wrong, but why not make a show where people could actually relate? Because that just would not be fun to watch! :D  Anyways, before that show even first aired, I was seeking ways to cut my families grocery bills down! Spending $400+ a month on groceries for TWO people was pretty ridiculous! My sis-in-law got me hooked on E-mealz. Its a VERY doable & affordable way to plan out your meals. My other problem was that I HATED figuring out "what's for dinner?". This company will not only plan out your meals for a week (5 days), but it gives you your itemized grocery list of exactly what you need for each meal (this way you're not wandering the aisles buying random items for dinner, as usual), PLUS on top of that, most meal plans cost around $35-$50/wk! It's easy too! All you do is find which plan works best for your family:

Meal Plan Options

Regular Family Meal Plans

(Serves 7 meals for 4-6 people)
Any StoreWed
Ralphs (CA)Thurs

Regular Meal Plans for Two

(Serves 5 meals for 1-2 people)
Wal-Mart for 2Fri
Any Store for 2Fri
ALDI for 2Tues
Publix for 2Wed

Specialty Meal Plans for Two

(Serves 5 meals for 1-2 people)
Low Fat (Wal-Mart) for 2Tues
Low Fat (Any Store) for 2Tues
Portion Control (Wal-Mart) for 2Wed
Portion Control (Any Store) for 2Wed
Low Carb (Wal-Mart) for 2Wed
Low Carb (Any Store) for 2Wed

After you figure out what's best for you, sign up ($5/month) and start saving time & money!! If you do want to coupon with this, think of how much more you can save! Its easy to coupon with this plan, all you do is look for coupons to match your grocery list!

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