Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure DEBUT!

I am debuting my "Tuesday's Trash to Treasure" today! I don't have a button for it yet, but am working on it! Basically on Tuesdays I'll give tutorials or feature a tutorial on reusing something you already have to make something new! It won't be the same category, so there will be lots of cool stuff to see! I'm excited to see what all I can reuse around my home!

Shabby Applique [Tutorial]
 Reuse: Fabric Scraps

Materials Needed:
- t-shirt (or onesie)
- 4 or 5 bigger scraps of fabric
- fusible web
- sewing stuff
- 3/8" ribbon (optional for bow)

Preparing Your Applique Pieces:
I found my giraffe design on google.You can use whichever animal (or object; a car, plane etc would be cute for boys) you prefer, just make sure it's not too detailed & you can actually figure out what the animal is based on its outlined shape. If you are good at drawing, you could always draw your own!  
_Cut out your design & make sure it fits on your shirt

_For the "shabby" effect you will need to use several layers of fabric (4 or 5). Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be perfect right now. I grabbed 4 colored fabric scraps & 1 white muslin scrap I had laying around (the muslin piece is for the "base"). 

_Stack all of your fabric pieces on top of each other facing the same direction **with the exception of one piece that will need to be opposite of the others**.  The opposite piece needs to be the bottom piece of your applique just above your base piece.

_Once your applique is ready, place it on top of your fabric scraps and cut around the edge of your applique. DO NOT cut out all of the details right now.

Marking and Sewing Your Applique:
 To create the shabby effect, in a nutshell, you will be sewing lines across the applique and then cutting between them to expose the edges, without cutting the bottom layer.  

_First, you will need to mark even lines across your top applique piece. I did mine about 1 inch apart, horizontally. There is no rule as to how they should be...anything you try will have a little different effect. Keep in mind that your marked lines will be your sewing lines.

_Once marked, pin all of your pieces together well around the edges.  I pinned mine between each line so that I wouldn't have to take them out as I was sewing.

_Once securely pinned, you can sew straight across each line you marked. You don't have to back-stitch, since you will be cutting the fabric down later.


Cutting and Attaching Applique:
Once your pieces are sewn together, remove the pins and you are ready to cut!  
_Cut between each set of lines to create those cute shabby edges.  To do this, you will cut straight down the middle of each section through all layers EXCEPT THE BASE.  If you cut through the base, you will cut your work into pieces, and that's NOT what we want!  

 _Simply place the bottom blade of your scissors on top of the base layer (so that it doesn't cut through) and cut straight across.  

 Once cut, your fabric should look similar to this:

Now, you're ready to cut your applique out & attach to it the shirt.

_Follow the directions on your fusible web (You will need to trace your applique onto the fusible web). Once traced, cut loosely around the edge (again avoiding all of the details). Adhere your traced fusible web piece to the base layer of your fabric stack (the part that will attach to the shirt).

_With this piece adhered, you can now cut around your traced image. Take your time and be patient! You don't want to ruin your fabric now that you're almost finished!

_If your fusible web has paper...Flip your applique over, peel off the remaining tear away paper piece to reveal your webbing...  

_Place it on the shirt where you want it.

_Press really well (it's takes more time through all those layers...but be sure not to iron in one place too long or you'll burn your fabric) and then zig-zag around the edge to complete!
(I'm not sure why they're uploading sideways....I saved them correctly....)

_To actually create the shabbiness, you need to throw that baby in your washer and dryer. The more you wash and dry it, the shabbier it will get.  
[Finished Product]

*You can also add a simple ribbon bow by hand-stitching it to the top of the head.

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