Saturday, July 23, 2011

Model photoshoot

Today I helped my photographer friend, Ron, with a photo shoot he did for a model. We did two makeup looks, and of course, they got TONS of great photo's all day!
The first look we did was inspired by the color green. I had these awesome lashes that were black at the base, green at the tips and then had feathers on the outer edges. SUUPER cute! So I did green & yellow for the eye shadow (NYX) then lined her eyes with Smashbox's black cream eye liner. For the lips we went for nude, so I used a nude lip color by MAC.

For the second look (I was pushing for time, so I think she ended up re-doing her lips) she had a leopard print top, so I did a brown & gold theme. The eyes I used MAC eye shadow in a gold & dark brown on the outer corners. Lined them again with Smashbox black cream eye liner. For the lips, the look we had found was this super awesome gold lip that was lined with black color, then had a line of white down the center. . . I was rushing through this part, so I wasn't too happy with the white in the end. But I LOVED the gold & black!!

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