Saturday, July 30, 2011

Running the race

A friend of mine started doing 5k's probably 6 months ago, and has encouraged me to try one ever since. I signed up for my first 5k on July 4th, the "Firecracker 5k"; and just completed my second one today, July 30th, the "Bedlam Run". For my first one, I hadn't put any practice into it, so I decided to do the stroller jog (still a 5k) to start out slowly. I had so much fun doing that! 
My time was: 52:38min

Since that 5k, I've started jogging around my neighborhood to make sure I can keep up the pace for my second 5k. Now, if you live in Oklahoma, you know its been 100+ degrees outside pretty much every day the entire month!! Therefore, I wasn't able to put as much practice as I hoped, but I think today's outcome was still REALLY impressive! I had a goal to run it in 45min or less. And I DID! 
My time was: 42:55min

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