Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11

We all remember where we were on that day: school, work, running an errand, or watching tv. We all rushed in to help those in need by giving, support & prayers. Now, 10 years later, who REALLY remembers? Those who lost the ones they love. The wives of brave firemen who rushed in to help a soul they've never met.
 The mom & dad who'll never have a chance to hold their son or daughter again. The brother & sister who can't call their loved one up to get advice, or just to have a laugh. The child who will never have a parent attend their recital, sport event, or birthday party. These are the people who remember. As the rest of us moved on with life, enjoying all we have, forgetting that pain & loss experienced by many.We say we are a country of freedom to worship as one pleases, but why is it God & Christianity are being plunged out? Since this tragic day, God has greatly protected our country. I hope we will never forget.

Check out this YouTube video remembering September 11th.
Numbers from the September 11th attacks.

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