Friday, September 30, 2011

Organizing Paper Tutorial by Little Monsters Studio

Today I'm featuring a blog that I just LOVE! She creates the cutest birthday decorations & can even personalize them for you! You can find her blog here or her Etsy shop here. She posted this awhile ago, but I liked the idea she had on organizing your paper!

I found some wire storage cubes on the website.. and lucky for me. .they were on sale for $16.99 (I hear they go on sale all the time) not only that but it was a pack of 6 cubes!.. Usally they come in packs of 4.
Fortuniatly for me, they were available at my local Sears, so I didnt have to pay for shipping! SCORE!

Then I picked up some small black zip ties at Lowe's .$4.00

So I got to work!!!!... I made two of the cubes as per the insturctions..

Then, with the remaining "sides" I created shelves and tied them on with the zip ties! and thats it!!!
Each cube could make 8 shelves!!

this is 8 shelves less the the one I was gonna buy, but I bought 2 sets of 6 cubes.. so if need be, I can always add more cubes !!

Total Cost was $20.99 plus tax.. not bad right!!!

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