Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Fringe Scarf

Scarf Tutorial
Reuse: T-shirt


_Start by cutting the top portion of the shirt off, right under the armpit.

_Using the cut end, begin making vertical cuts upward. The longer the strand, the longer the fringe.

_Cut all the way around - it should look like this once you're finished:

_Tug on each strand to elongate it & make it curl inward. 

_Lastly, I tied knots to every other strand. This step is optional. 

That's it! Place it over your head, around your neck & tuck, curl, fold or however you want to wear the un-fringed part!

*The size of the shirt will depend on how low the inside hole will hang. Mine was a men's medium, so it is longer*
*You could even put beads on the strands if you're going to knot the ends!*

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