Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Lipstick Storage

Lipstick Storage Tutorial
Reuse: Lipstick 

*Lipstick (New, used, ones that are almost out)
*Craft box/Lipstick Palette

This tutorial is helpful if you have lipstick that is almost out & you want to consolidate your tubes. OR this is great if you just want to put all of your lipsticks in one palette (or even a couple shades, if you have a small container). I did this with all of my lipsticks I use for makeup jobs ~ it is SOO much easier to handle than 20 different tubes!

_Begin by collecting any lipstick you want to consolidate to one container. 

_Get your container ready, grab your knife and simply slice the lipstick into one of the pods in your palette!

_I "smashed" mine flat. This is how the end product should look:

_I labeled the brand & shade so I can make note which one I used on each client. 

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