Monday, September 5, 2011

Tutorial: Sailor Shirt

I found this idea out of an Urban Outfitter's book I have, "I made this...". I loved it so much that I made my daughter a matching shirt as well! This is a very easy shirt & costs under $10 to make!!

*Shirt (new or used)
*Fabric paint
*Needle & Thread
*Paint brush
*Masking Tape
*Cardboard or something to use as a barrier between the shirt layers

_Start off by inserting your cardboard inside the shirt & taping stripes down the shirt. On mine I did 8 stripes, on my daughters, I did 4. You can make them as big or little as you'd like as well.

_Begin painting your stripes (the spot between the tape).

_Let the paint dry for about 15-20min, then peel the tape off. You can pull the cardboard out now too.

_Next, sew your buttons to one shoulder of the shirt. I used 3 buttons on mine, and 2 on my daughters. I tried to pick buttons that looked sailor-like. 

Finished Product!

**Machine wash COLD in Handwash or Delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry**

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