Friday, September 23, 2011

Va-Va Voom Lashes

Most women/girls don't usually wear false lashes, unless its a "big" event (wedding, prom, Christmas function etc). I must admit, it is pretty hard to put false lashes on yourself until you have done it several times. I was doing a wedding today and the bride decided to go with single lashes instead of the regular full length lashes. I think I've only done one application with these, so I was pretty new to the concept myself. BUT, they were SUPER easy! She decided to go with these because she didn't like the "heavy" feel normal false lashes can sometimes bring. I added four(4) single lashes to the outer corners of each eye & they looked amazing! Single lashes can add just a bit of drama to the eye without going overboard, if you're not one to usually go for the false eyelashes. Plus, I think they'd be a lot easier to apply since you don't have the whole eye to line up at once (before the glue dries).

Let me give you a quick tip while I'm on the subject...When applying glue false lashes, add the glue then let it dry for a few seconds before applying them to your eyes. You want the glue to be more tacky, that way it won't slide on your eye while you're trying to align them. You can even blow on the glue real quick to speed up the process.
Another option instead of the full length lash, is the half-lash. These are a step up from the single lashes, but still, not as dramatic as the full set. They are attached together, so the application is similar to the full length lashes. Make sure you start the alignment at the outer corner of the eye.

Most lashes you can pick up at Ulta Beauty, Sephora or Sally's for a very reasonable price ($3-$5). If you're only going to wear them once or twice, don't spend a lot on the "designer" lashes (MAC, Urban Decay, etc), you'll be spending $15-$30 on lashes!

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