Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Find: Polaroid Cameras

I absolutely LOVE pictures from Polaroid cameras! They're also INSTANT! I remember having one we played with growing up, but since have pretty much forgotten about them. I fell in love with them again about a year ago, but since I'm not a camera person, I just sat back and admired. :)  Recently, I was on eBay looking at them, and you can actually find some fairly inexpensive! I looked at Target too, and there's a new version out (looks nothing like the old) that's under $100.

Urban Outfitter's also carries ALL sorts of cool cameras! They have Polaroids, Holga & Lomography cameras! I think the lomography camera would be cool - they take four pictures consecutively, and come four-to-a-print. They're also made of plastic, have little to no controls and usually do not have motors.

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