Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: T-shirt Dress

Today's Trash to Treasure takes a bit more time than last weeks tutorial...but the finished product is soo cute!

T-shirt Dress [Tutorial]
  Reuse: Old T-shirt

Materials Needed:
-Old T-shirt (preferrably men's L or XL)
-Ribbon (1 1/2yds approx)
-Sewing supplies

_Fold your t-shirt in half, long ways & lay "pattern" dress (also folded in half) on top of shirt, at the edge. 

_Using a fabric marker, outline dress onto shirt

_Carefully cut dress out (make sure shirt does not have bumps etc). You should have two(2) pieces when finished. 

_Fold over sleeve area twice and iron flat. 

_Fold neckline down (I cut mine straight across right under the point in the middle) twice and iron flat. 

_Measure ribbon to fit your daughter for the straps. I measured the straps on the "pattern" dress I traced. 
_Iron ribbon under neckline to create crease. 
_Sew a straight line across neckline securing ribbon. 

_Sew ribbon to other side of dress in the same way. 

_Sew sides together - Keep armholes open (I accidentally sewed from the neckline down - DON'T DO THAT!)  :)
Since working with jersey knit is a bit difficult for sewing, change your stitch length to a shorter length. That is especially helpful for the hem. 

_Make layers of three(3) circles from the t-shirt remnants. You will want a small, medium & large size. 

_Hand sew circle "rosettes" to neckline & straps 
(or wherever you like them best). 
_Measure ribbon for belt. I used about 1yd for a 12m/18m size dress. 

_Hand sew belt onto dress however you want it to be positioned. I sewed mine just at the side seams. You can heat seal the ends to prevent fraying as well. 

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