Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Skirt

Dress into Skirt Tutorial
Reuse: Dress- one that is too short, or from thrift store

*Sewing machine
*Sewing supplies

_First determine how you want your skirt to fit. I did mine at my waist. 

_Cut the top of the dress down to make it the length you need. All mine needed were the straps taken off. 

_Put the skirt on and mark how where it needs to be cut down on the sides.

_Cut down one seam (mine has a zipper on one side, so I cut the opposite side).

_Now, cut your skirt down to size. On my skirt, with the zipper on one side and pockets in front, I cut the BACK side down. If your skirt is just plain and simple, cut the FRONT & BACK.You just want to make sure it evens out - you don't want one side to be wider than the other, or the side seams will be in the wrong spot. Make sure to leave enough room for the 5/8" seams.
_Pin sides together.
_If you had to cut the top down, fold & pin each top side down to make a clean edge. 

_Sew side seams (and top).

_Iron seams flat.

All done! How easy was that?! PLUS, it only cost me $6!!

Add a belt!

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