Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Trash to Treasure: Bow Board

Bow Board Tutorial
Reuse: Picture Frame 

*Old picture frame
*Hot glue gun
*Button/embellishments - optional

_First you'll need an old picture frame, or one that's not being used. You could even paint over an old one to give it a new look!
_Turn on your hot glue gun. 

_Pull out the cardboard & glass. Bend all the tabs back & flat against the back of the frame. 

_Now, take your ribbon and cut it to the length of the frame. You can have as many or little ribbons you want, just keep in mind you'll need space between them for the bows/flowers to fit. 

_Hot glue ribbon [both ends] to the BACK of the frame.

_Pull ribbon tight.

_Press ribbon onto hot glue.

 _The back should look like this once all ribbon is glued down. 

_Trim the ribbon down to fit inside of frame. You can also seal the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying. 

_Finished Product!

*You can decorate the front with buttons/gems to give it even more of a personalized look!*

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